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How to use Android Parcelable to pass Objects between Activities

By     |   Feb 08, 2017

android parcelable

Android as a mobile platform, is more memory constrained. So mobile app developers are pushed to write code that consumes less memory without compromising on performance. Even though Java provides several ways to accomplish works, it sometimes comes with lot of memory usage. For example, unlike integers and strings, you can’t pass objects between activities…. Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Android Nougat

By     |   Sep 28, 2016

Android Nougat is the latest version of Android Operating System which was officially released in August this year. It is the first version of Android to be released ahead of Google IO as part of the new “Android Beta Program” which gives app developers a chance to test it on their devices. Nougat is the… Read More »

How EHS Can Leverage Technology

By     |   Aug 26, 2016

Environment Health and Safety (EHS) compliance is an integral part of any organizations which aims at achieving the highest levels of safety standards. This responds to the need of providing a safe and healthy environment for the employees to work in. This helps to prepare knowledgeable and concerned individuals in an organization to maintain EHS… Read More »

Gamification for the Healthcare Industry

By     |   Aug 22, 2016

The sensitive nature of the healthcare industry asks for methods to make information readily available to the end user in an engaging way. Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design to address everyday problems. The healthcare industry can definitely capitalize on this and use games to reach out to patients and… Read More »