Digital Asset Management

Build, manage, share and archive your digital assets.
Digital Asset Management Solutions India
Store, manage and share any media type, from Word docs to PDFs and rich media files like audio and video.

As an organization with multiple offices, decision centers, marketing teams and design agencies, are you finding it increasingly difficult to source your digital media assets? Are your branding assets stored in files and folders and not available when you needed them?

These are clear signs that you need a digital asset management solution that can take care of storing, organizing, retrieving, sharing and archiving every single media file created. At Niyati, we can build you a scalable and secure DAM software solution on the cloud that saves substantial time and money.

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Enterprise DAM software highlights

DAM Browser

Browser based

Our asset management solutions are fully web-based, which means you don’t have to install any software and can manage all your digital assets right from your web browser – be it on desktop or on your mobile phone.
DAM Powerful data

Powerful metadata

Your DAM solution is only as good as its search functionality. We employ powerful metadata to ensure proper keywording/tagging of all your digital resources. This means you can search for files in advanced ways including size, formats, licensing information, data, DPI and several other parameters.
DAM Cloud

Hosted on the cloud

Installed software is passé. The enterprise world is fast embracing the incredible benefits cloud hosting provides. Our DAM solutions are deployed on Amazon AWS, among the world’s most popular cloud hosting provider.
DAM User Interface

Intuitive user interface

Thanks to our expertise in user experience design, our DAM software is extremely easy to use with minimal learning curve. We don’t compromise the functionality with unnecessary bells and whistles.
DAM Secure and Scalable

Secure and scalable

Our association with a leading cloud solutions provider like Amazon AWS means you get all the advanced storage security features developed by Amazon. You can also increase your usage limit based on the requirement.
DAM Collaborative


Get work done individually or as a group. Across the table or the world. Our DAM solutions make collaborative work done all the more easy, especially in cases like digital campaign management.

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