Get the cloud advantage to your business

As the demands of the IT structure keeps skyrocketing, reinforcing your business strategy to handle the cumulative complexities of IT workloads can be accomplished by harnessing the power of the cloud. Cloud computing offers a range of IT services that are scalable, cost-effective, secure and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

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Cloud solutions for growing businesses

At Niyati, we provide customized cloud solutions that helps seamlessly migrate your business to the cloud. Leverage the flexibility of our cloud services to dynamically scale on demand, cut costs through automation, improve communication through better adaptability and enhance development by applying technology that is smart, agile and disruptive.

Why move to the cloud

Scale dynamically

Handle any surge in traffic, data with more confidence. Increase volume automatically without any delays or hidden expenses.

Data on the go

Access data from any remote device, wherever you are. Cloud computing truly exemplifies the phrase: "Data at the palm of your hands”.

Cost-effective solutions

Lower your IT infrastructure by hiring fewer resources, inexpensive cloud architecture, lower maintenance costs and ROI driven enterprise applications.

Discover agility

With cloud platforms like SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, it is now easier to create, test and deploy applications to your entire business network.

Our Cloud Solutions include

Cloud Migration

We make cloud migration a seamless process by understanding your business requirements and chartering a smooth transition of your data, applications and infrastructure to the cloud with minimal downtime and zero-impact on your business.

Cloud-based SaaS Application

Our extensive research into your application’s requirement enables us to narrow down on the ideal framework, technology and programming language that would bring the agility and responsiveness needed to drive your business processes forward.

Application Modernization

Enterprises still heavily depend on legacy applications to run their core processes. We analyze legacy applications to discover options to refurbish or reprogram applications to stay relevant to current business requirement.

What path should you choose?

Public Cloud

Using a pay-per-usage subscription scheme, the public cloud is the most subscribed and cost-effective cloud model available. The resources and applications of the cloud are owned and operated by a service provider.

Private Cloud

Owned and operated by a single owner, the private cloud provides a secure gateway to store and access data on the cloud. An offshoot of the on-premise data centers, private cloud is ideally suited for enterprises data management.

Hybrid Cloud

A combination of both the private and public cloud, the hybrid cloud also uses data from on-premise storage facilities to create an orchestration between the 2 platforms that enable greater flexibility and adaptability in the cloud environment.

Cloud Service Models


(Infrastructure as a Service)

IaaS is a cloud-based service that provides resources like storage, networking, and servers in a pay-per-usage subscription model. Scale up or down on-demand, stop paying for expensive updates of physical servers through automated cloud server updates.


(Platform as a Service)

PaaS is a cloud service module for developers, it provides development tools that allow users to code, test and deploy applications online through the cloud with no need for any physical hardware or software.


(Software as a service)

SaaS is an on-demand subscription based software service that is available only on the cloud. SaaS based software’s are both affordable and remotely accessible through connected devices.

Cloud Platforms

Project Case Studies

mBaaS Solution for Last Mile Delivery Startup

Niyati worked with a new-age logistics startup firm exposing Web Services APIs for a suite of mobile apps addressing different business stakeholders – the consigner, consignee, vendor and supplier; and a centralized backoffice administration module. Hosted on Amazon AWS and integrated with real-time location tracking, SMS and In-App Notifications and social plugins.

SaaS Solution for Product Performance and Field Testing

Leveraging the advantages of a lean, full-stack framework hosted on MS Azure cloud, Niyati built a Product evaluation tool for a leading manufacturing company in the automotive component sector. Accessed by Field Users on both Desktop and Mobile browsers, the data captured are stored in a secure cloud for generating monthly automated reports and dashboard for the management.

Digitization of Dealer Operations on-the-cloud

Niyati helped deliver an intelligent solution for a world-leading manufacturing brand and migrate from a conventional, paper-and-xls-based systems to a fully-digitized system with automated workflows. Available as a responsive web application, and extended as a hybrid mobile app - the solution was built on a lean architecture to support 3000+ concurrent logins handling transactions of over 1.2M USD per month.

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