Full Stack Development

End-to-end full-stack development solutions to
propel your digital presence

Full Stack Development Company

Inspire cutting-edge web experiences with a development partner with complete authority on all things front-end and back-end.

The landscape of web/mobile application development has changed. Today, organizations are looking for development companies stacked with the expertise to handle the entire development process from ideation, design, prototyping, coding, testing and database management at one-go. Niyati’s hybrid team of full-stack developers combines proficiency and agility to build full-stack web applications, SaaS solutions, web portals and much more.

Why choose full-stack development?

Application Multi-stack expertise:

Get to the root of a problem with an experienced developer that can seamlessly move from back-end to front-end on your MVP project.

Faster Outputs:

Increase speed of development process by putting the onus on a master resource to cover all corners of the development cycle.

Adaptability delivered:

Full-stack developers have a steeper knowledge of navigating through complexities posed by current as well as new technologies.

Cost Effective:

With fewer resources resulting in less interruption and more productivity, assigning full stack developers can invariably push cost down.

UX/UI experiences that resonate with customers

Our full-stack development features engaging UI/UX that’s created to intrigue customers and generate conversions.

 UX Strategy

UX Strategy

We help device a UX plan that
breaks complexity through
custom, human-centered digital
solutions to enhance the user’s

UI Design

UI Design

From creating wireframes to the
digital layout, to optimizing the design
across multiple devices; we work to
enhance the look and feel of the

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Go from idea to simulated UX in a
shorter span, our interactive
prototype interface helps us
collaborate in iterative cycles to
nail your UI.

agile frameworks

Be on target with agile frameworks

We engage an agile framework to rapidly move the development process with certainty, transparency and a collaborative atmosphere that is adaptive to change via iterations.

Our agile development processes led by certified Scrum masters, ensures faster and better results that collectively satisfies the end-user and client’s requirements.

Agile Frameworks & Tools

  • Scrum
  • Lean Development
  • Kanban
  • Extreme Programming (XP)
  • Crystal
  • Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
  • Feature-Driven Development (FDD)
  • Jira

Front-end technologies and tools


Essentially used to create CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development. Bootstrap is an open-source framework that contains CSS- and JavaScript-based design templates.


JQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies several visual functions and animations. JQuery can be used across browsers to perform functions with minimal.


AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework, used for developing a natural Single Page Application (SPA) browser experience which has no page reloads or latency delays.


An open-source and cross-platform JavaScript that serves the client and server-end. Node.js is built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for faster and scalable network applications.


ReactJS is a declarative and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces. With ReactJS, user inputs instantly trigger the right components to render updates.

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework for building native iOS and Android applications. Based on React concepts, it renders apps using real mobile UI components rather than web.

Vue Js

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework that helps you create a maintainable and testable code base for lightweight and easy to integrate applications.

Ember Js

Ember is a client-side JavaScript framework based on the Model–view–view-model (MVVM) pattern. Ember uses minimal code along with integrated templates to automatically update user changes.

Empower your application with the right stack

Chose the optimal development environment with a wide selection of the right components and stacks that best suit your MVP project.

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack

Tie-up the entire front-end and back-end development structure in a single framework. MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB (database), Express.js (application framework), AngularJS (front-end framework).

LAMP Stack

LAMP Stack

Recommended for its scalability and customization options, LAMP is short for Linux (operating system), Apache (webserver), MySQL (database), PHP (programming language).

Back-end technologies and tools


The most widely used back-end scripting language around the web-based ecosystem. Our PHP developers are well versed with deploying intelligent and modern interactive websites.


Create complex applications with the most popular back-end scripting language, Python’s general-purpose language can be used to solve any backend requirements.

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

The Rails framework promotes rapid development by assisting programmers to abstract and simplify common repetitive tasks using a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.


Java is an independent back-end language that follows a logic of “Write once, run anywhere”, denoting the compatibility of the code across platforms and technologies.

Roll-out quality assured applications

Launch bug-free and defect-free code for web projects via our stringent and cyclic testing and QA processes.

Manual Software Testing

Manual Software

Automated Software Testing

Automated Software

Security Testing

Security Testing

Mobile App Testing

Mobile App

Performance Testing


API Testing

API Testing

Secure and scalable server-end solutions

Be it cloud or on-premise, our pick of technologies deliver robust performance for executing any web-based program.

Dedicated Service

  • LinuxLinux
  • Apache Apache
  • Microsoft SQLMicrosoft SQL

Cloud Architecture

  • AwsAws
  • AzureAzure
  • Google CloudGoogle Cloud

Case Studies

Video portal solution

Video portal solution for Australian start-up

Niyati built a custom video player with
highly optimized streaming capability for
the customer to stream user-generated
video through their web portal. Our
services spanned user interface design,
portal development, digital marketing
and analytics consulting.

Global networking portal

Global networking portal for UK customer

Niyati won a multi-agency pitch to win
the development of a networking portal
for the scientific community. The project
was built for scalability, with special
emphasis on ensuring user data security.

Sales software for global building

Sales software for global building material major

As an ongoing assignment, we develop and
maintain custom software for tablet and mobile
devices for a global leader in building materials.
The series of applications, adapted in multiple
languages, enable the customers’ sales staff to
be more informative of the company’s...

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