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Brochures and PowerPoint are passé. Welcome to the new age communication.

With the extraordinary volume of content being generated online every minute, there is a dire need to differentiate and stand out when it comes to conveying a message. Explainer videos serve as the best way to distinguish your brand from the routine content generated by your competition. An explainer or whiteboard video delivers a message in a simple audio visual format, thereby facilitating you to reach out to target audience in a much more effective and focused manner.

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Explainer demos are usually short videos that can be used to describe products, services or businesses in a dynamic yet simplified way of storytelling. Explainer videos can captivate your target audience by sharing the information you want to convey in an innovative way.

At Niyati, can help you create engaging explainer videos that give you the edge over your competitors. Our expertise in scripting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover recording and music integration can be put to best use for developing explainer videos that meet your requirements.

Our Team Includes

Experienced scriptwriters
Voiceover artists (any accent)
Email marketing
Creative animators
Post-production team
Whiteboard Animation & Video Scribing

Types of Explainer videos

2D Animated videos
Whiteboard / Video scribe movies
Live action videos
Typographic videos
Screencast videos
StopMotion animation
Testimonial videos
Corporate movies

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