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Why Video Marketing?

People understand things much faster when it is 'shown' to them instead of comprehension through reading. Besides, abstract concepts can be communicated much better through video than with words.

Why create brochures and leaflets and have very few people read them when video can help you communicate better, in several languages and in the shortest possible time?

Isn't creating video expensive?

Initially, yes. There is a need to create a set of video assets that best explains your business. The easy way out is to create email, PDFs and newsletters. But most people just skim through this material and your main message may be lost altogether.

Distributing video has become
much easier

Having your audience 'see' the product or solution works far better than just audio, Plus, most of us have learned to tune out commercial messages most of the time except when we are actively seeking information.

The Whole Story

Asset Creation

Understanding your business, identifying segments, audiences and visualise the entire chain of structured communication that has to flow. There are two audiences that we need to plan for - customers and platforms. The needs of both are completely different. And doing just one part without doing the other yields no benefits.


Every video asset has to be tagged with the right keywords for search engines, social media, and video channels. This will be done after keyword research for each of the distribution heads and identifying the best performing tags.

Platform versioning

Different edits and versions of the main content have to be created for each of the distribution ends. Facebook would require carousels of 10 seconds, Twitter would need a different format and Instagram stories would need another format as well, based on the main content.

Distribution priorities

After determining which audiences we need to reach and evaluating the options, we will create versions of each of the videos and promote it on the platform that is likely to provide the best results. This will provide good returns on investment and help to dominate in channels which provide the best cost-benefit ratios.


Every asset created and distributed will be tracked. No automation based purely on data. We will go with the platforms that are most transparent and responsive. While distribution has been simplified because of the net, tracking each of the channels to provide an overall view is still not easy, since there are dark areas even within data.


We will create a feedback loop that uses clear parameters to evaluate performance. Since it will be evident over time as to which of the video assets provide the most traction, the response will be to create more messaging and communication that delves deeper into the successful routes, creating a virtuous cycle.

Our Video marketing services include:

  • Strategy and script development
  • Video production
  • Online video distribution and promotion
  • YouTube / Facebook video optimization
  • Video analytics and optimization

How videos fare compared to other mediums

Video vs. Print

This is a no-contest. Give people the option of clicking on a film and reading through paragraphs of text and the video will win 99 percent of the time.

Video vs. Email and Newsletters

Email open rates, even for the best performing newsletters and emails remains at 3-4%. That is the open rate. There is absolutely no way of determining how much of the information in the mailer was read and acted upon.

Video vs. TV

Traditional TV rates can be prohibitively expensive. And if you are catering to a niche audience or the B2B market, that kind of spend is not warranted at all.

Video vs. Radio

Having your audience 'see' the product or solution works far better than just audio, Plus, most of us have learned to tune out commercial messages most of the time except when we are actively seeking information.

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