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VoiceNotes Recorder - Enabling Doctors
dictate medical records
Voice Recoder App

The Challenge

Create a Mobile App that allows doctors to dictate medical records and auto-transfer them to a centralized server without the need for manual uploads.

The current dictation tools on the stores allowed limited (up to 10 minutes) voice-notes recording with no facility to transfer files for further transcription. Time was lost in uploading and downloading of audio files resulting in huge costs for the transcription agency.

The Solution

Niyati worked with the client in understanding the current pain-points of the medical transcription process, and the challenges the doctors faced. The mobile app solution was developed to accommodate larger duration of voice-notes recording (up to 30 minutes), auto-saving them on the local device and auto-transfering the file to a centralized server.

A customized back office administration tool was developed for the agency to track new audio files and process the same for further transcription. The tool checked for newly updated and edited audio files. Doctors had the freedom to also edit a previously sent voice note directly on the mobile app.

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Key Tools and Technologies

  • AngularJS
  • JSON
  • WebServices API
  • Android and iOS (Native) App
  • LAMP Stack

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