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Shop Floor Automation Solution for a Manufacturing Company
PDFShop Floor Automation Solution

The Client

The client is a global player manufacturing components primarily for the automotive industry. They run 24x7 shifts with huge demand to meet production targets on a daily basis.The client wanted to build a manufacturing traceability application with interactive dashboard view of production data in real-time.

The Challenge

The production challenges faced by the customer include the following:

  1. No real-time visibility of the production details from the shop floor
  2. Quality tests are done on manual basis and at times defective products goes to next stages and subsequently reaches OEM customer by manual errors
  3. Warranty claims from customers could not be traced to date. Reputation and loss of replacement is a concern
  4. Production to scrap ratio details was not available
  5. Because of the above challenges ERP is not able to give real time insights

Our Solution:

Our process started with a deep dive study on the manufacturing floor space. Though the customer was using powerful ERP, the data fed was backdated and was not catering to the management’s expectations. Initially, we experimented using IoT and other latest technologies for a solution but with our pragmatic approach, we understood the critical data lies in the PLC machines and to harness those data was a critical success factor for the whole solution.

Using barcode scanners and bringing machine data to our application, we are able to achieve the objectives of the customer. The management now has access to real-time manufacturing data and the quality test parameters are also gathered for future references

Business Benefits:

  • Complete product traceability
  • Gain real-time insights on production line which helped customer to fine-tune the production capacity
  • Warranty tracking for the OEM suppliers
  • Huge test quality improvement
  • Production dashboard at shop floor
  • Scrap loss analysis

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