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Optimizing your website is the first step towards online success.
Search Engine Optimization India
Future-proof your website ranking with our professional SEO services.

Better ranking. Improved visitor count. Increase in conversions. Our proven SEO services can do all these and more. With well over a decade of experience in optimizing websites for better ranking and visibility, we know what it takes to bring your website in front of your target visitors.

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Ways in which we can help

SEO Web Audit

Website SEO Audit

We can evaluate your website threadbare to plug all the SEO loopholes. From content related issues to your backlink profile and loading speed, we tell you in black and white where your website stand in terms of optimization and ranking prospects.
SEO Service India

Search Engine Optimization

Be it a local business or a global enterprise, our well-endorsed SEO services can be the right answer to all your optimization needs. Starting from the basics to the advanced, we leave no stones unturned to achieve great ranking for your website.
SEO cleanup

SEO Cleanup

Lost your ranking due to a Google penalty or algorithm change? Website not loading fast? Bounce rate touching the roof? Our SEO cleaning up service is for websites that has gone through a dip in ranking and wants to bounce back.
conversation optimization

Conversion Optimization

Have great ranking but fewer conversions? From reworking your meta titles and descriptions to redesigning your landing pages, A/B testing and analytics consulting, we can work on all factors that can improve your conversion rates tremendously.
SEO / Search Marketing Service

Search Engine Optimization

The what, why and how

In simple terms Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice by which a website is optimized to rank higher for specific keywords and phrases in leading search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is a systematic process whereby several on-site and off-site factors are worked upon to improve natural (or unpaid) ranking of a website compared to millions of competitors.

Search Engine Optimization is absolutely critical to any business that wants to make a mark on the internet. Be it an individual selling perfumed candles or a multinational company marketing high-end technology services, being on the top of organic search results is a decisive factor for your success online.

Our experienced search engine optimization experts will take a very focused approach in enabling your site to be optimized for search engines. We have a proven multi-step process that ensures your website not just ranks well, but also improves the conversion rates. What’s more, our constant optimization efforts will ensure that your website stays on top of organic search ranking for longer periods. Our purely white hat SEO process also help your website stay immune to Google penalties.

Some of our Search Engine Optimization tasks include

  • Competitor analysis
  • Site traffic analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword selection
  • Incoming links report
  • Search engine friendly URLs
  • Title and meta tag optimization
  • Stylesheets (H1, H2, CSS, Hyperlinks)
  • Image alt tags
  • Sitemaps, breadcrumbs and footer
  • Robots.txt Inclusion
  • 404 error page optimization
  • XML sitemap creation
  • Web pages content optimization
  • Link building strategies
  • Google webmaster setup
  • Yahoo siteexplorer setup
  • Bing webmaster center setup
  • Submission to reputed directories
  • Video optimization
  • Monthly ranking report

App Store Optimization

With the proliferation of apps for mobile devices, it has become increasingly critical for mobile app developers to make their apps rank well on app stores. With no clear-cut guidelines for optimization, app developers usual lose out on valuable traffic and download.

Niyati can help you with best practices followed in App Store Optimization (ASO). Be it Apple’s App Store or Google Play, we can help you in driving more traffic to your mobile or tablet app pages.

Local Optimization

If your business serve a local audience, it is highly critical you rank well for the local listing on Google search. There are several factors which Google looks at before ranking your business above your competition. It is mandatory that your business has a local office, with a Google verified physical address and phone number. At Niyati, we can help you develop a local optimization strategy that focuses on improving your local ranking through citations, domain authority, link building and several such initiatives.

FAQs on our SEO Services

No, we don’t. Simply because ranking of websites is done by Google, and not us. Moreover, no one can promise top ranking because it is the sole prerogative of search engines to decide on which website to rank. Google themselves have cautioned people of claims from SEO
Any website can get indexed within a day or two, but ranking is a whole different ball game. The time required to rank a site depends on several factors including age of the domain, past history of the website, content quality, keyword competitiveness etc. A well optimized website typically shows significant improvement in ranking in around 3-4 months.
Not necessarily. Google tweaks its algorithm very frequently and releases major updates 2-3 times a year. All these changes, coupled with the progress made by competing websites can impact your ranking. A frequently maintained website has a much better chance of keeping their ranking intact for longer periods.
Yes, we use a wide variety of free and paid tools including Google Analytics, Statcounter, Google Webmaster Tools, MOZ, AHREFs, Screaming Frog, Xenu’s Link Sleuth and several others tools for data collection and analysis.
Yes, of course. Black hat SEO techniques may show some results in the short term, but can prove disastrous when a red flag is raised against your website. You can lose all your ranking, or worse, get de-indexed from Google. All SEO we implement on your website strictly follow the norms laid out by leading search engines.
Over 90% of the search happens on Google, so our priority naturally is to focus on Google. However, we are well updated with developments happening on search engines like Yahoo and Bing.
Our expertise in working on international SEO helps in optimizing your website for different languages. We can also help you in getting the content translated to the languages of your choice.
Ouch, that hurts, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, we are here to help. We can assist you all the way in the tedious process of identifying the issues for the blacklist, cleaning up your website, disavowing bad backlinks and sending out re-inclusion requests to Google.
Yes, with our local search optimization skills, we can ensure your business ranks well on Google local listings.
As SEO works comes mostly under NDA’s, we are not at the liberty to disclose all case studies. Please email us with your contact details and we can show you few SEO case studies which doesn’t come under NDA.
Most of the engagements are on a fixed price model, with a minimum period of 6 months. We have also worked on milestone based payment, BOT (build-operate-transfer) model and one-time consultancy fee models. Please share your specific goals and we can suggest you the best suited model.
No, we don’t. We have a full team consisting of experienced content developers, SEO specialists, graphic designers and coders to handle all SEO related activities. In the rare instant any task has to be outsourced, it will be done only with the cognizance of the client.
Apart from the project scope approval, there is no contract you are bound with. As SEO doesn’t show results overnight, we typically ask clients to be patient for at least 6 months. Our billing is done every month end and the engagement can be called off at one month’s notice.
At the moment, our time constrain doesn’t allow us to travel and conduct training. However, we are not ruling this out for the future. Watch this page for any update on this.

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