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Product Evaluation Tool for a Large Manufacturing Company
Product Evaluation Tool

The Challenge

The client currently uses a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet that is distributed to its District Offices, who then allocate and schedule product evaluation test (PET) to different Service Engineers.The Service Engineers are required to conduct periodic evaluation tests at the customer location and enter values derived during their inspections. Due to its format, the spreadsheets are often tampered and original values are not captured resulting in reports with factual errors..

The Solution

Niyati worked with the client in the manufacturing industry to understand the process flow and automate the scheduling of the PETs with pre-populated values and calculations that minimizes the data entry for the Service Engineer, and also validates the data against standard parameters. This resulted in not only minimizing the errors in reporting but also an increased efficiency in carrying out the PETs and generating periodic reports due to simplifying several steps.

The solution is hosted on MS Azure Cloud, and integrates with external enterprise systems.

OS & Device Compatibility :

Cross-browser Compatible Responsive Web Application

Tools & Technology Stack:

  • AngularJS
  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • NodeJS
  • NGINX Server

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