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Digital platform development for a logistics startup
Logistics App Development

The Challenge

Businesses with global operations and widespread logistics functions manage their day-to-day transactions using a variety of tools that are in silos, and don’t talk to each other. With digitization, every business today looks to integrate mobility and improve delivery within an omni-channel framework – seamlessly integrating vendors, consignees, truck drivers and internal users. Most importantly, having a single centralized backoffice administration console that brings the different entities together.

Solution Overview

Niyati worked with this transportation startup to understand the process and automate the entire workflow of a  logistics app on a mobile-web platform. The centralized administration backoffice had modules for managing vendors, consignees, orders, materials, contracts, loading and unloading points, as well as multiple gates within a given site.

Consignees, Vendors and Truck Drivers connect to the system using the native Android Mobile App where Order Tracking, Route mapping and Truck Management (for Vendors) are integrated. The mobile app also has an embedded wallet for Vendors and Drivers to manage their cash transactions.

Salient Features of the Logistics Application

  1. Truck in / Truck Out and Vehicle Tracking
  2. Route Optimization for group and multi-order consignments
  3. Gate Manager module with Gate Pass issuance
  4. Vendors, Consignees and Materials Master (Bulk upload using XLS/CSV)
  5. Manage Contract SLAs for each Vendor with City to City or Truck Load Type
  6. Billing, Invoicing and Payments with batch-processing feature

Technology Framework

  • MEAN Stack Solution hosted on Amazon AWS
  • Native Android Mobile App
  • Geo-Coding APIs for Vehicle Tracking and automated Order Status Updation
  • Cross-browser Compatible Responsive Web Application

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