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Competition Watch tool for a leading
Building Materials Company
Competition Watch Tool

The Challenge

Facilitate the field sales force with a handy tool, accessible on smartphones and tablets, to compare competition products and close sales faster.

With a range of heavyweight products and equivalent competition, the sales executives required to support their sales talk with comparative metrics and performance parameters without the need to carry physical samples.

The Solution

Niyati developed a Mobile Application to be hosted on the Enterprise Private Store integrated with a web-based back office administration tool with User Access Privileges. The mobile sales app has a Product Showcase, a Product Comparison Tool with report generation and PDF export feature that allowed the sales executives to demonstrate the relative benefits of their product against competition, and also instantly share the results as a PDF over an email or bluetooth.

Drawing on positive feedback with its pilot implementation in Europe, the sales app was scaled to include multiple countries and language versions.

Key Tools and Technologies

  • JSON
  • AngularJs
  • LAMP stack
  • Android and iOS (Native) Framework

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