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How to use Android Parcelable to pass Objects between Activities

By     |   Feb 08, 2017

android parcelable

Android as a mobile platform, is more memory constrained. So mobile app developers are pushed to write code that consumes less memory without compromising on performance. Even though Java provides several ways to accomplish works, it sometimes comes with lot of memory usage. For example, unlike integers and strings, you can’t pass objects between activities…. Read More »

Sharing Content The Easy Way Using ShareCompat

By     |   Jan 31, 2017


If you ever worked on an app that can share content with other apps, you might have stumbled upon Intent.ACTION_SEND or Intent.ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE. While this is good, there is an easy way to build intents and passing extras to share a content using ShareCompat. ShareCompat The ShareCompat provide a couple of classes to easily build intents… Read More »