15 Kids Will Smile Brighter This Year…

Vidya Dhanam Sarva Dhanath Pradhanam!
(Knowledge is Supreme of all Wealth)


Even though at Niyati we did not make it a mandatory contribution, the kindered spirits at the company decided to participate in their own small way, to be part of a fund raiser that aimed at providing basic school aids to deprived children, this festive season.

The mission of the NGO we chose to support, Soujanya Sevashrama, a voluntary organization based out of Bangalore, is to provide basic educational aids to deprived children to level the playing field, to give every child an equal chance to succeed.

Towards meeting that end, our team contributed funds to support Soujanya Sevashrama’s project NASA – Nurture A School Annually.  The money contributed will buy school kits, uniforms, shoes and other aids for 15 children this academic year.

At Niyati, we are proud to have done something extra to improve the lives of children in a deprived local community.