Conduct safety inspections, build checklists
and file safety audit reports with Safetymint

With paper-based safety audit management on the cusp of obscurity, digitizing your audits can open up a plethora of benefits to a dynamic auditing cycle. As global compliance regulations proliferate, there is a need for a robust auditing system that can automate individual processes and provide real-time data that is easily accessible through a secure channel.

We framework our solutions to directly impact your auditing process from the start – keeping
you risk-free of any compliant issues and enhancing process capabilities.

Digitize your Audits

Expand the potential of your auditing
process through digitized audits, Unlock
features by incorporating new technologies
like Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence,
Enterprise mobility and more.

Cross-Device and Cross-

Access audit files from anywhere –
connect through mobiles, tablets and
other portable devices. The auditing
software can be made compatible with
most OS versions and browsers.

Real-time Reporting of

Locate, access, create and maintain
auditing documents with complete ease.
Migrate from the extensive traditional
auditing processes and usher in an
intelligent and more efficient method of

Instant Alerts

Never get shocked by compliance audits.
Get instant alerts on potential threats or
dangers to organizational processes or
equipment. Get alerts based on user
preferences, time-frame and volume
based alerts.

Customized Features

We can provide fully customized
features – Get additional features that
best suit your organizations audit

Secure Gateway

We can improve your business productivity and agility by the scalability and versatility offered by mobile devices.

    Changes Audit Management
    Software can bring in:

  • Manages risk efficiently - Get instant alerts on pending compliances
  • Create reports on-the-go using tabs and mobiles
  • Include video/photo attachments to reports
  • Easily retrieve and access files from the online directory
  • Significantly reduce errors
  • Easy escalation of reports to immediate superiors
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