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Content Writing Strategies – Writing With An Objective

By     |   Jan 31, 2013

content writing strategies

  When you write content for the web, you want to be informative, consultative or authoritative on the subject that you write about. Irrespective of how you want to approach your writing, you have to have an objective in mind to influence your reader. It is worth pausing here to note that readers have objectives too; in… Read More »

3 Qualities to Nurture While Writing for the Web

By     |   Jan 08, 2013

writing for the web

  As much as I know, understand and agree that having a great product or service to sell maybe the key factor for a successful business, I also value, treasure and appreciate the fact that knowing how to talk or write about your great product or service is almost as critical as the product or service itself…. Read More »

Tongue tied on telephone?

By     |   Dec 14, 2012

Tongue tied on telephone

Many of us are great conversationalists. Some of us are better with face to face conversations than telephonic and some of us are happier when we don’t see the face of the person whom we talk to. Telephonic conversations become even more stressful when we are expected to speak in English – especially if you… Read More »