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Ever wondered what makes people choose one software product over several others?

User experience is the answer.

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User experience is at the heart of every successful digital transformation. Organizations across industries are realizing the lasting impact a better end-user experience can make to their IT applications.

At Niyati, we have proven experience in delivering UX strategies and designs that are tightly integrated with our customer’s business objectives and technology platforms. We focus on simplifying complexity through custom, human-centered digital solutions that enhance the user’s experience and provide measurable improvement in conversions.

Our UX services include:

Strategy & Planning

Having a robust UX strategy is essential to ensure that your company’s vision and business goals aligns perfectly with your software’s outcome. We work closely with the stakeholders in working out a roadmap and prioritizing the tasks.

UX Research

This is the phase where we identify the users for your application and their requirements. This is done through a series of qualitative and quantitative methods that include user interviews, card sorting, persona creation, usability testing etc.

Wireframes & Prototypes

We develop lo-fi wireframes that help in giving clarity and structure to the concept and lets the stakeholder explore ideas and options. These are converted to hi-fi interactive prototypes that simulate the experience of the final product.

User Interface Design

The UI design team takes all the inputs on the prototype mockups in developing the interface design. The colors, type, icons and imagery are finalized at this stage. The layouts are customized for desktop, tablet and mobile screens.

The Double Diamond approach to UX

First conceived by Design Council, UK, the Double Diamond approach helps in visualizing the
design process in a simple, yet highly effective manner.

Learning before we leap

We uncover fresh perspectives and gain valuable insights that enable us to discover the gaps in the market that your app can fill.


Product Vision

Decipher every aspect of your idea from the inside-out and its potential to align with your business plan.


Market Potential

Uncover possibilities of how your idea can trump market dynamics and gain a competitive advantage.


Customer Insights

Immersive exploration of the user psyche to find customer pain points and bring value by walking in their shoes.

Develop a roadmap

We define your application’s value proposition through robust analytical processes measuring every customer input and variable that we have discovered.


Deep Analytics

Make sense of all the possibilities by analyzing every inch of research data to identify opportunities.


Information Architecture

Shortlist opportunity spaces that can create an impact on users and your business strategy.


Customer Journey

Define value propositions that complement the user journey at every stage.

Turn opportunities into solutions

In this phase, we turn concepts into tangible results like wireframes and interactive prototypes which are then revised until it meets the goals of the value proposition.


Clean Wireframes

A skeletal outline; giving you a rough glimpse of the content, functionalities, and behavior of the UI.


Interactive Prototyping

Bringing life to your design – simulate the user experience with clickable designs, graphical illustrations, etc


Iterative Development

Continuous upgrades to ensure that UX reflects the latest technologies and adapts to customer personas

Zero-in on the perfect finish

We put the final polish on development and design processes to make sure that your application is now ready to be deployed in the market.


Coding Platform

Create your application using a world-class UX Framework that maximizes performance.


Usability Testing

We validate functionality throughout the application's lifecycle – adhering to quality standards.



Ensure that the best version of your product is released and is positioned to achieve MVP status.

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