Case Studies

We make sure every project that comes out from Niyati has our stamp of quality in it. View below some of our recent case-study projects.

What better way to showcase our skillset than to feature our live and true success stories. Do take a moment to read them. We promise, it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes of your time.

Case Study #1: Video Portal | UnearthTalent, Australia

Taking on Live Talent Shows from Television to Online

When Kellie Langmaid and Katie O Mara came together to launch their dream startup, India was last on their minds. Eventually after a strategic meeting at Singapore, they signed up Niyati to build this first-of-its-kind online talent portal. Launched on Amazon AWS with JWPlayer and video encoding, is now a scouting platform for creative talent and locations.

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Case Study #2: Online Survey Tool | PerfectCollegeFit, USA

A Survey that helps you narrow down the perfect college for your studies in USA

A web application that throws up the best matched colleges that suit your preferences of schooling, campus life, and several other decisive parameters. Niyati is proud to be associated with the Kauffman brothers in designing and developing this cool tool that are a boon to students and their parents.

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Case Study #3: E-Commerce Project |

When you have a successful website, how can you make it more successful?

It was a challenge that Niyati took in its stride. A 10-year old fairly successful e-commerce site decided that it was time for a makeover and a facelift. Read how Niyati gave it not just a facelift but also a hike in traffic, more visibility in search engines and driving more sales by using smart user interface and conversion optimisation techniques.

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Case Study #4: Brand Naming & Logo Design | CookSmart

Cooking up a brand new name. One thing we love doing most

When a new start-up required a name with top-level dotcom availability (something which today is a rare phenomenon) for their brand new range of Food products, Niyati came up with an identity that not just gave the brand its name, but also a purpose that will stay for its users.

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