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Non Profit Website Design
Non-profit websites built with passion.

Developing website designs for not-for-profit organizations demand a high degree of passion towards the cause the organization is working for. At Niyati, we are always compassionate towards individuals and organizations that strive towards making a change to our society. From educational causes to healthcare, sanitation, disaster relief, environment and microfinancing, we have worked closely with a bunch of passionate organizations and CSR departments in getting their services known to the rest of the world.

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Our digital services for NGO’s include the following

Non-profit website samples.

Why Niyati for your NGO website?

We understand how critical the contribution of non-profit organization is to our society. As a company with considerable experience working for non-profits of varied sizes and across verticals, we can be your right digital agency to take your causes online.

How can we be of assistance?

Apart from developing websites, we can also help you in coming up with a brand identity, social media creatives, mailer and other campaign designs, including animated explainer videos. If you are looking for a fund-raising campaign, we can also help you set-up e-commerce features on your websites to accept donations online.

Apps for non-profits.

Developing apps can help your organization to function more seamlessly, be transparent and efficient in serving your cause. At Niyati, we can develop web based or mobile based apps to help you tap the full potential of the internet. Be it in user-engagement, improving conversions or for a donation drive, apps can be of much use to your marketing initiatives.

Whom do we work with?

As we are selective in choosing the customers we work with, it is a pre-requisite that the organization is legally registered and has official contact details. Our typical customers range from passionate individuals, well-respected social service / charity organization, non-profit start-ups or CSR divisions of reputed corporate companies.

Unique Features

Creative Designs

Creative Designs
User-friendly CMS

User-friendly CMS
Mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive
Search optimized

Search friendly
Our non-profit clients include the following:

  • AIM For Seva
  • Udavum Karangal
  • Vidyarambam
  • Arsha Vidya
  • MCDS Chennai
  • ICICI Foundation
  • Rang De
  • Murthy Nayak Foundation

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Our pricing for website development starts at around Rs.1 lakh (US$ 1500).