Saturday Learning at Niyati – Responsive Web Design

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Niyati roped in experienced UXM engineers from the industry to bring our team up-to-date with the latest trends and to imbue best practices approach in web design. The first of these learning sessions started with Responsive Design practices. An interactive crossfire session that raised several questions about planning, structuring, implementing and coding with grids, media queries and comprehensive stylesheets to make the website work across devices – be it a wide-screen monitor, a tablet (viewed in portrait or landscape) and a mobile device.

With close to 14 years of experience in the internet, it is but mandatory for us to deliver the advanced and best practices approach to our clients when it comes to their website design. At Niyati, we are keen to differentiate ourselves as a digital agency in India with Responsive Web Design practices and lead from the front. More Saturday Learning sessions are in the wings with topics ranging from improving download times on websites, to HTML5, CSS3, building an e-commerce site with snippets and smarter SEO friendly coding and development.

A few snapshots from the session: Responsive Web Design at Niyati can be seen on our Facebook page