Gamification for the Healthcare Industry

By     |   Aug 22, 2016   |   Post Comments

The sensitive nature of the healthcare industry asks for methods to make information readily available to the end user in an engaging way. Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design to address everyday problems. The healthcare industry can definitely capitalize on this and use games to reach out to patients and different stakeholders.

From using it for medicine adherence to figuring out what are the right lifestyle changes to be made to learning about new products in the market, gamification can be the key here. With the number of smartphone users increasing, the reach of such apps based on gamification is only going to get better.

Here is a small presentation on how gamification helps with digital engagement and the benefits it can provide.

  • nadjabester

    It's not easy, as a healthcare provider, to make oneself heard in the noise of what's out there in terms of gamification approaches, but owing to the unique nature of diseased states, there's surely a gap that healthcare providers can capitalise on, provided they get it *right*.


    Gamification is the new and very popular trend to attract the clients. Love to read this and thanks for sharing this here with us.