Another year, another milestone!

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We share something awesome with the Lord of good beginnings. His birthday! Niyati turns 12 on this auspicious day!  What better day to choose than today to thank everyone that has made a difference.


12ganesh.gif.scaled500 Another year, another milestone!


Thank you Ganesha, for your blessings every year for the last twelve

Thank you colleagues, who have been with us in this eventful journey

Thank you clients, who have had the confidence in our ability to deliver

Thank you partners, who have worked along and contributed to every project

Thank you well wishers, who love our work and have told us in so many words

Thank you bankers, who have supported our dreams and aspirations to be the No.1 digital agency

Thank you competitors, who have egged us to do better than the best!

Thank you landlord, for housing us at a wonderful space we call office

Thank you Chennai, our home base from where all the development work happens

Thank you Auditors, for keeping our accounts in order

Thank you Google, Wikipedia and million other websites for without you Niyati would never be what it is today!

And finally how can we forget our parents, who gave us the confidence that we could make a difference! Thank you!

As part of the celebrations,we have gifted ourselves something we have wanted for a while. We finally squeezed out enough time to revamp our corporate website!  Though it is still a work in progress, we are eager to show it off to you

Go ahead, take a sneak peek at our very own corporate website- all shiny brand new, revamped and fresh!


Niyati home.png.scaled500 Another year, another milestone!




  • Arthi Ramesh

    I am so privileged to be part of the team. Thank you Niyati.!

  • Arthi Ramesh
  • Padma Gopal

    I wish for more and more Ganapathis to appear on this page! Good luck and God bless.

  • Dhananjayan

    Congrats guys!